FPGA and Embedded Development



  • Feasibility Studies
  • Prototype Development
  • Redesign Service
  • Consulting

FPGA Development

  • Standalone IP-Cores
  • Firmware Development
  • Design Verification

Embedded Software Development

  • Open Source Linux
  • Driver and Module- Development
  • With Operating Systems or Bare-Metal

System-on-Chip Design

  • System Design with SoC-FPGAs
  • Hardware / Software CoDesign

Project History

  • Multi-Camera Systems
    Camera-based inspection systems
  • FPGA Review according to DO-254
    Test and Testbench Review for an existing implementation
  • Bluetooth-Stack porting
    BlueZ porting to an ARM-based SoC-FPGA platform
  • Control Systems for medical heavy ion accelerator
    VHDL Designs for several control units
  • DVB-ASI Streaming
    Broadcast DVD-ASI Streaming Core

  • Server Systems
    Multi-CPU/FPGA Architectures
  • Controller for vaccum toilet
    ReDesign + Feature-Extensions
  • Multi-Device Demo-System
    FPGA/CPU/Network Demonstrator
  • UGV with realtime control
    Concept platform to demonstrate real-time control systems with very low latency video tramsisson
  • Ultra Low Delay VideoCoDec Core
    IP-Core for low latency coding/decoding of PAL/NTSC video streams